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this is for all friend of payitforward surprise, old and new, please up update , Any one who signed up along time ago, please up date, and all new members, post the likes here. There has been confusion about which thread was current, well,, this is it!

Chocolate is my BFF!
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OKay... I guess I am updating now...

favorite colors red and black
Halloween theme jewelry
chocolate and candies
life-size props
Halloween baking pans
Halloween silicone molds
Universal Monsters
Goodwill/Thrift store/repurpose
scary pumpkins
spell books
graveyard pictures
grim reaper
headless horseman
scary movies (must have CC or subtitle)
Halloween music
black cats
Halloween theme kitchen wares

Ouija Board
gorey (little blood is okay, over the top is not.)

Reaper Queen
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guess I might as well also:likes:
my first love is and always will be witches, cauldrons,brooms hats, spell books,, anything for a witches hut, although I don't do one out side like I used to, but ya just never know what I could do some day!!
anything for a cemetery
if anyone could make realistic witch or skelly/grim reaper hands, that would be totally awesome!!
I love scary, not gross or gory, if it goes bump in the night,, it will be great!!

I love home made and thrift store things,
skulls and skellys,
spiders and spider victims ,webs am going to do a bigger spider area, or hope to,
flood lights, spot lights.. led would be great,

am really enjoying indoor decorating ,
love witch,black cat and ghost knick knacks,,
witch art work,
decorative witch hat would be awesome,
JOL's and pumpkins of all kinds
halloween plates,, decorative dish ware ,.
I have a wood china and leave alot of this type of thing previously listed out all year around,

dislikes: creepy dolls, clowns, , movies, zombies, gross and gory stuff,

Margarita Goddess
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First timer: Will update
Likes Practically anything Halloween
Need Body parts and organs - Ears, fingers, hands, feet, heart, BRAINS whatever you can spare. ;)
Bottle Labels for Halloween. (My bar is Halloween all year round)
Really want a Ouija board & mover if you got one you want to get rid of.
Pointy, lace up boots for witch's shoes - size does not matter for display
Plastic Pumpkin Pails
Body parts are ok by me
skeletons & skulls
Bats for hanging

Dislikes: Cutsie, excessive glitter, Freddie, jason, Micael Meyers.
Don't need any music or movies

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Splendid idea;)

Gargoyles, dragons, skulls/skeletons/Grim Reaper, ghosts, bats, spiders, ravens/crows, Headless Horseman, (were)wolves, mummies (and Egyptian gods/goddesses), Dracula/vampires, Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, classic monsters in general, dark angels and fairies, tombstone paperweights, busts, black (or gray or bloody white) roses, horror novels, spell books, ouija boards/occult items, masquerade masks, lab specimens, tikis, voodoo dolls, foo dogs (and other Asian statues/decor), pentagrams, crowns, crosses/ankhs, fleur-de-lys, swords/knives, dark knights and medieval artifacts, steampunk accessories (top hats, goggles, canes, etc.), Victorian/Baroque decor (candelabras, mirrors, et al.), evil clowns, creepy dolls/playthings, Medusa/gorgons, H.P. Lovecraft, Poe, and gothic/fantasy artwork (Joseph Vargo, Anne Stokes, Tom Wood, etc.).

Anything ridiculously cute or covered in tons of glitter.

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Joining in on this and already have a couple thing in mind for giving.

My list!

I do a walkthrough haunt every year. The scenes include a foyer with busts and lenticular photos, a skeleton room with lots of glowing skeletons and flashing strobes, a dungeon, a cornfield, a cemetery, an Egyptian tomb, a spider's web with lots of nests and spider victims, a swamp on the bayou and a witch's shack. Anything that would fit into these themes and scenes is always appreciated!

Pirate items- coins, treasures, etc.
Swamp items- tiki gods, shrunken heads, fake greenery, etc.
Egyptian treasures and artwork
Gargoyles and garden statues
Cemetery fencing (even love the Dollar Tree stuff!)
Rats and Crows
Folding Spiders
Spider Nests
Skeletons and Bones
Flameless Candles and Tealights
Witch items
Antique and thrift items that would look good sitting around
Urns and old pots, teapots, etc.
Old keys
Old hardcover books
Candles and vases for the cemetery
Glowing and flashing eyes
Zombies (basic zombies for the cemetery, not radioactive/toxic scenery)
Chains and shackles
Black fabrics, red curtains and bloody/torn materials
Strobe lights
Lighted Jack-o-Lanterns

I'm open to clowns and zombie babies. I haven't gotten into either but might if I had the stuff for it.

I'm pretty happy with most anything!

Items featuring black cats or zombie animals - I'm an animal person so I'm weird about that stuff, haha.
Candy and food
Party items like trays, dishes, barware, etc.
Cutesy or country items
Cute Disney/Peanuts type stuff
Licensed or movie characters like Freddy, Jason, Ghostface
Inflatables or Blow Molds
Overly glittery items

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PVC candles—so cool but never tried making

Spell books, wands, potion jars and bottles ( a witch can never have too many of these and I love to have them in each room with a different style or technique. Also have an outdoor bakers rack on screened porch and want to add a witch scene and shelf to the front yard.

Will be adding Fortune Tellers this year. I hope to have a variety of things and type of fortune tellers. I have a great start due to booswife 02 and the Mini Reaper. Link to Fortune Tellers current thread

Colored string lights and any kind of Halloween shaped string lights to add to my screened porch which I leave up year round in what we call the Creepy Cantina

I like witches, black cat, cauldrons, etc. décor for a tree to decorate.

Did I say that I love witches?????? Crashed witches, witches on the wall, mantle, hanging (I even decorated a couple of bedrooms this year like they were Witch shops and hung various costumes and black attire and hats around. Oh, I do love hats, too…

This year though I have a MAJOR emphasis on Fortune Tellers, Wizards and Witches for my Conjurers Consortium.

I have a spider bathroom that didn’t get done this year, but I love it and spiders (not real ones) and bats

Love homemade, repurposed, etc. I especially love unique and things that are created by one of my Forum friends.

love with all the wreaths. I have double front doors that really need something witchy for them

I am not picky. I just love these exchanges and will love whatever my reaper sends.

I also have a cemetery out back. Most of my things are the small tombstones and I do have numerous gravecreepers that sit in front of the headstone. I have a huge ornamental pear tree that is behind and over the cemetery. Would like to expand and enhance this area. I made a larger gravestone for the Wicked Witch this year at a MNT. It has her hat on top. I would love to have other famous witches or fortune tellers or voodoo queens. Anything to go with the them.

I am planning to add a room of curiosity or weird items in a museum type area: vampire killer kit, werewolf killer kit, skutterfly, Corpse Coins, figi mermaid, monkey's paw, etc. Any weird or unusual thing that I can add and use a museum type card with for display. This may not be done until 2015 since I am so into the gypsy fortune teller stuff at the moment. LOL I do have one of Bethany's Skutterflies. I just need to finish it off.

Don't like blood and gore or modern movies things like Jason, Freddy, etc.

More of a traditional spooky kind of girl.

Love to have Halloween music especially anything in the witchy, fortune teller theme.

I have lots of crystal balls and some wands, but really would like other wands since they are so unique and different. I LOVE spellbooks and can really enhance and upgrade this area.

Jewelry for fortune tellers since I have so many new props. I have lots of scarves, so I am good there. It is the jewelry that I am struggling with since I don't wear it.

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Here is my List

Disney's Evil Villains
Snow White's Evil Queen
black cats
Halloween shoes (size 11)
Halloween dishes
Halloween theme towels
I would love to find a pretty Halloween theme Teapot (I love drinking tea)

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Reaper Queen
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also, remember, if you have not already, befriend payitforward surprise, and also send your address to the same member, also, if you wish to send a gift, pm payitforward surprise, and ask for the persons address. I will try to look for messages frequently

My other ride is a Ninja
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here is my list UPDATED 11/19/2014
I love thrift store finds

2015 I will be doing the traveling haunted hotel theme so also love anything related to that theme I have started nothing on this yet ( note I am doing the party in 2015 at a friend’s house note the Traveling haunted hotel hehe)
I have nothing for this so open to anything.
Would love an old suite case.
haunted suitcase
Hotel hat for bell man.
Bell hop out fit
Hotel directory

Old made over guest book
Old sheets white
One of those old bags like a doctor use to carry not sure the name of them
Maid out fit
Any color boas
gothic looking photo frames
anything you could see in a haunted hotel

my house will be decorated in gypsy / fortune teller theme
love any sheer fabric or gypsy looking fabric
even sheer curtains or gypsy looking curtains
love to get a gypsy mask
love a gypsy suite case
gypsy signs
anything gypsy related would love to have.

Going to do dark wizard of oz in the house also so would love anything related to that i have nothing so totally open on this one.
ruby slippers
flying monkeys lol
monkey costume or mask
big hour glass
are some ideas
scarecrow costume or mask
witch hats to
witch signs
potion books,
potion bottles
smudge sticks
love a little cauldron

love Gothic items
(Starting to collect the Avon cap code glass)

love scarfs with skulls on them

favorite colors are red , black and purple

body parts
cute Halloween stuff

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I'm so glad to see a new thread, some of the posts were so old I wasn't sure if they were still participating or needed those items anymore. I like to start fresh !

Here are my likes:

****PIRATE STUFF ( I'm just starting a pirate theme for the first time so I have nothing, anything would be appreciated to get me going !!! ) I would love anything that would look good with pirates. I'm doing skelly pirates, but woulld love pirate masks as well, I want some with rotten faces ect. , pirate clothes, gold coins, anything for a treasure chest, ships wheel, barrels, crates, pirate weapons, a foam sign like fake wood for a "beware" type thing...anything pirate ...anything.
- oddities I'm ok with real bones but not actual animals in jars...fake ones that look real are good though
- curiosities
- things that look like they belong in a haunted house ( antiques ect. spooky and creepy)
- gothic look
- fortune telling things
- old baby carriage
- tombstones
- witch items= things that a witch would use , like a mortar and pestle, spell books that look realistic, potion bottles I also like realistic more than cute
- pagan stuff, pentagrams are ok by me.
- love life sized figures / props ect.
- Anyone good with foam, I would love a fake wood foam sign about Pirates beware or something like that .

I like all my decorations to be more on the realistic side even if it doesnt have a chance of being real ( ie the fiji mermaid) I still want it to look as real as it can
The Pirate theme is going outside this year and I do a haunted house theme for inside but also like witch stuff for inside.
anything would be appreciated, new, used, handmade its all great !!!!

spider webs
string lights
freddy, jason, michael ect.
cutesy stuff
blow molds

My Pinterest page : http://www.pinterest.com/agreg1013/

**************** If anyone has a thing for glittery stuff, cutesy decor please join and post, I might have some stuff like this to part with if it matches your likes. so far these things are on peoples dislikes lists but someone out there just might like it, ya never know.

Witch Of The West Coast
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Hi all... happy to see interest in Pay it Forward again :)
Just a reminder that this is not a Secret Reaper type of exchange. This is simply an address data base. If you have something that you don't want but think a fellow haunter here would enjoy, or just want to send a little something to someone for no reason at all, request their address from PayitForward Surprise and mail it out. PayitForward Surprise should have the addresses of anyone who is a friend of theirs. Enough of that, here is my list! :)

Anything Cemetery or witch related! I always have a cemetery and a witch display.
I decorate inside and out so, anything creepy or anything that can be creeped up!
Curiosity items, apothecary jars, old books, spell books, tombstones, etc, etc, etc ;)
I want to do an evil clown themed dot room so if ya have any evil clown items, I would give them a good home.
I hate to be real specific here because some of my favorite props are things others have given me and are items I would have never thought of.
So, store bought or thrift store............ Gothic or Victorian............. New or Antique....... I love it all!

Aliens, Extreme gore, zombies (I like dead... but not un-dead lol) , movie icons (Freddie, Michael, Chucky, etc), and Cutesy.

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the reason for the befriending of payitforward surprise is so you can go to that members page, and see who has friended them, that is how you know who to send your extra things too,
I would think that seeing the members listed both there and here would be the best option, as some may have moved without leaving a new address or such.

Somewhat Eccentric
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Not going to make a huge list right now, so to start out:

I love skulls and skeletons either plain or scary, large or small
Old bottles
Anything with an old and Gothic feel
Odd things in bottles/jars
If you have anything like old rope, jute twine or anything that looks ready for the trash, especially foam tombstones, I'd be more than happy to take it. :)
Anything related to any of the Dark Shadows shows or movies except for the Tim Burton version. I think in the day there was everything from comics, models and even a paperback series. I'm basing my haunt on it this year and can use anything.

glittery vampires

Lady Of The Lake
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Hocus Pocus/ The Sanderson Sisters
Im looking for clothes that the Sanderson Sisters would wear from Hocus Pocus
I need a green cape for Winifred
I love everything related to Hocus Pocus

Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman
Severed heads
different kinds of pumpkins and gourds
I need a Brom Bones and Katrina Van Tassel Tombstone
Would love a vintage looking Sleepy hollow map

Vampires- Draculas castle
A Map of Transylvania or Budapest area would be great!
Would love some of my vampire pictures from my pinterest board to be printed off , I don't have a printer

I love Edgar Allan Poe
always love new bookmarks
Any kind of spooky Halloween literature stuff is right up my alley.

Wicked Witch of the West
love love love the green queen. Don't care much for the other wizard of oz characters but definitely a Wicked fan.
A Tree ornament or a snow globe would be awesome.
Any kind of wicked elphaba wicked witch pictures. I dedicate a table to her. Everything is black and green of course

Phantom of the Opera my new theme
any kind of musical instruments decorative of course
I will also need lots of red and black roses.
Masquerade masks in black, white, red, gold, silver

I don't mind glitter

I have Pinterest boards of all of my themes

If you see any of these things and would like to send me a link that would be much appreciated as well.
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