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Attention! Big Reaper of 2020 sign up and discussion thread!

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Here it is.. the main reaper of the year!! PLEASE read all the info here... it will answer some of your questions. but if not.. let me know! Lets make this a great reaper season!!! Let the games begin!

PLEASE, for your sake, AND for the sake of your reaper please participate in the thread, even if just commenting once in a while, and make it easier by having picture, pinterest, or the like.

Also PLEASE let your reaper know when your gift arrives,, people become concerned that their boxes got lost, which has happened in the past, So make sure you do that!!!! Also. POST PICTURES of your gifts. It is only the polite thing to do,,

So on with the dates: here is the
Official Sign up thread for the Big Reaper!

Start of sign up: July 14, 2020
Ending date for sign up: August 17, 2020
Shipping Deadline: Sept 14, 2020

1. The MINIMUM value of the gift must be $20.00, please follow this,
2. The gift can be homemade, store bought, or a combination of the 2.
3. gift can be Halloween , Day Of The Dead, or any other "haunt" related or décor items
4.You must get a tracking number when shipping your gift
5. please post in the thread that your gift arrived
6. If you are having a issue with sending a gift, please contact me to see if it can be resolved: if you do not send a gift but have received one, you will be banned from further secret reapers.

If you agree to these terms and would like to participate, please message Bethene with the following information:
Name and address

Likes, dislikes, themes (if any), and any other info you feel might help your victim (example< out door haunt, indoor party,. PLEASE, make it as detailed as possible, it makes it so much easier !!! Again, DETAILS!!!!!!!
Example, instead of I like witches, what do you like, potion bottles, spellbooks, brooms, etc.

Also. do you want to ship to the USA only, Canada and USA, Canada only, Europe only or anywhere. Please let me know in your PM.

Also if anyone has any questions please PM me!
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I believe we'll be in so will have to work on a new list.
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Sorry WitchyKitty. Glad you have a place here for you to be able to vent some and find support. My hubby is with that American Airplane manufacturer that's been in the news a LOT this past year. He still has a job but working from home since MARCH, they keep pushing back when they want workers back in the office. With the flying industry the way it's going now I worry he'll be asked to retire early, he's been with them since 1980. Frog, my Halloween partner is an auto mechanic. Until 2 weeks ago his shop was only open 2 days a week... they are now up to 3 days. The shop owner is starting to have trouble finding the money for rent. At least 3 other shops near his have had to close permanently. It's a sad state of affairs. Good thoughts, hopes for the future to be brighter and that it all works out.

I can't sign up, right now...probably not at all...due to us both being laid off due to Covid...me permanently and my husband temporarily, as we know, atm. (He was laid off until Sept., originally, but then found out they decided to close our local location and, if he stays with the company, he will have to commute to the main location. If he stays there, he doesn't even know if he will be able to keep his position/salary that he worked so hard to get to with 18 years with the company, or if he will have to take whatever position/pay they can squeeze him in at in the main location...which could be a major pay cut. He may even have to find a new job, which means losing 18 years of seniority and benefits, plus all his hard work to get where he is. It's all around bad.)
He was approved for unemployment, but hasn't been able to actually get anything from it, yet...even though he was supposed to, already. He can't get in contact with them, either...was put on a callback list. So, we have been without income, besides me selling the occasional small craft and my husband doing odd jobs for our neighbor and his parents. Since we won't hear from his job until, maybe August and he won't have a chance to be back to work there in any way until at least September...then I can't think it possible for me to be able to sign up by end of sign ups.
Long sob story over... regardless, I will still hang out in bethene's bushes with y'all and then watch to see what you all get. Happy Reaper Season!!
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