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Attack of the Giant Radioactive Spiders! (pic heavy)

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Good mourning, my Halloween friends! I thought I'd share a few preview photos of this year's yard haunt: Giant radioactive spiders have taken residence in my friend's home, Darkstone Manor. And, needless to say, things are getting a little out of control...we'll call the exterminator on November 1st.
Home House Property Residential area Siding

Home House Property Green Residential area

Architecture Brick Building Tree House

House Home Property Architecture Building

Architecture Tree Photography Illustration Stock photography

Black widow Insect Spider Invertebrate Widow spider

Room Urban area Architecture House Building

Green Drink

In all my years of Halloween haunting, this was really my first year working with foam. I'm particularly pleased with my Darkstone Manor haunt sign and the window boards. We also have a blood-and-spider-covered skeleton inside the front window, but it's hard to photograph since it's only lit by a strobe light.

Next year, I plan to make a cemetery scene, so there will be even more foam work for tombstones, crypts, etc.
Happy Halloween!! (almost).
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That looks awesome!
Great work, especially with the foam.
What did you use for the spider web I like the look of that more noticable then the other stuff.
Thank you all for the kind words! Roach, the webs are made from a material called beef netting. I'm really happy with the way it looks, and it's easy to tie into place. You just cut the holes yourself.

I learned about it here on the forum, and I ordered it from: http://www.trentonmills.com/halloween_spiderwebs.htm
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Love it JaCk, looks incredible!!!
Thanks JaCk I did not know about that stuff looks really good and has the effect I want too. I just tried Google to see if I could find any local and nothing so far but thanks for the link I will sure get some for next year !
Love those boards! I might try the beef netting combined with webcaster webs next year.
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Thank you, Nightfisher! And thank you for the tutorial and inspiration for making the boards! :)
Looks incredible, and love the spider and his victim on the porch.
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Thank you, Countess! The victim on the porch was a fun build - he has a reindeer motor inside that makes his head and feet raise. Hopefully we'll get some good scares out of that. I hope to get some good movies of the motion in the walkthrough of the spider victim and the window strobe light skeleton. :)
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