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ATMOSFX Projector Kit Plus

I wanted to stop using my more expensive projector and get something at least decent. I looked at the WindowsFX kits and then looked at the ATMOS FX projectors. I figured for the extra money they are charging it has to be at least better than the WindowsFX kits right? Plus they advertise their PLUS kit as being capable of using for movies etc.

I NEVER thought it would be as good as my home theater projector but I wasn't expecting it to be as average as it was. It was made cheaply, the remote is unresponsive at times, the mounting plate had a broken foot (just glued on), the projector doesn't have uniform focus from left to right and imaged on the right side have a slight blur. The lens focus and keystone controls are also poorly made.

Overall...it's not worth $300 even with the digital files they threw in. I tried to initiative a return with ATMOSFX and they declined. They said they have no satisfaction guarantee because they were a small company and worry about people returning things after the Holiday. Well that didn't apply because I was trying to return way before the holiday. All they would offer is a Warranty service. I have enough experience with projectors to know that poor optics isn't going to be resolved by a Warranty service. It's the quality of parts.

If you are just looking for something cheap verses reusing it the rest of the year, this is not the projector. If you need something just to shine in your window? This might work but it's a bit expensive and the quality is suspect.

Update: AtmosFX has decided to issue me a refund afterall. They are even sending me a box and paying for shipping. They are standing by their product after all. I still think it's way overpriced but in the end they did right by me so I will continue to buy their other products.
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