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atmosfearfx dvd to "high res" conversion

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first let me start with a "disclaimer" ... the results will not be as good as a high-res download ...

and that this program, is free, but is limited to 5 minute video conversions ... you can purchase the program and get rid of this limitation ... but since all of the vob files from the dvds are less than 5 minutes :) and you can convert as many files at once as you wish ... not just one at a time :)

"You are using the unregistered version which is limited to convert 5 MINUTES of each video file for evaluation purpose. Please purchase full version to remove the limitation and enjoy full functions."

the program is "HD VIdeo Converter Factory Pro" and can be downloaded & purchased from => http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/hd-video-converter/buy.html?more for $29.95 ... a not unreasonable price with lifetime updates

i've been experimenting with the free version and am impressed ... no its not as good as an original high-res, but if your projector can output 720, 1080 or 4k video, you won't see the pixels like when you're outputting 480 ... almost but not quite like getting something for nothing ;-)

i'd upload 2 videos, one 480 and another an upgraded to 1080, but since the videos are a commercial product from a company who's business is making & selling these, they probably won't like seeing their product available for free, so i won't ...

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they're running a special now ... you can purchase the unrestricted program and install it up to 3 computers for $24.95 ... use VCF-20LH discount code for 20% off ... $19.96 for 3 windows computers, with lifetime updates ... although i probably don't need to convert something over 5 minutes, i couldn't resist, so i just ordered ...

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