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Asylum 2014

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As you know I make this year a Haunted House on the Asylum theme. And I have not many ideas to tell the truth... I know that I am going to make a corridor but I have no ways. I have already made an office and the entrance as well as some props for the laboratory, but I am lacking idea, that is why I come to request you so that you helped me to find ideas which will be welcome!
Thank you in advance !! :)
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There are several threads on here of people doing this theme this year. Just look for the ones that have asylum in the title. I read these posts awesome and they have some amazing ideas, pictures and all kinds of things for you to use as inspiration. They are all a little different, so you can pick and choose from what you like. Have fun and be sure to show us some photos of what you do.
OK no problem thank you for the answer ! I am a little going to nose about on the forum just to find what I am looking for :) thank you !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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