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Assorted Lab Equipment

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Some random "small project" things I'm working on.

If you're doing an electrical-based lab, you need a Generator, no?

A cieling fan case, an empty cat sand bucket that happens to be precisely the right size, and a 75 gallon wine barrel I found on the side of the road.

We'll actually lay this down, build a stand to hold it, and get the other half of the case, and a cat sand bucket on the other side. I'm also thinking 'gloss black' isn't quite right. Maybe one of those hammered finishes.

2 flicker circuits provide the effect of the thing 'on'. Need to gloss the inside of the buckets, and center the lights, just showing the idea.
Could use a sound effect too...

YouTube - VID00177


A Lab NEEEEEEEEDS one of these!

Currently configured for a science project for Kyle, we'll be turning it into a prop shortly, with an enclosure, and making it taller. :D (I thought) I HAD a video, but we kinda sorta accidentally discovered this thing likes to erase SD cards if they get too close while taking videos....:eek:


Jar needing a head.

I also have jars for a hand and a brain.

More to follow.
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