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The tanks....

These were a last minute addition last year, when I stumbled on the TV stand and just had to use it.

Like most else....they didn't work according to plan during the show.

The tanks bubble thanks to a pump and airstone, but had WAY too much dye in the water, that under blacklight, they looked like 2 solid cylinders. Gotta use food coloring and light from beneath this year.

And, we're dressing the thing up as well.

An old post office box door, we'll backlight the window, much akin to how I did the control panel's window.

My brother repairs amps, and has been storing me some tubes for just such things. We'll backlight these as well.

The whole thing needs a paint job, I need some dials and guages for it, and I want to do something to the base...possibly taking apart the generator to place one of the circle pieces down there in the speaker hole. (I need to cut transportation/storage room, and the generator is my least favorite of the items, and the barrel can be repurposed as a cauldron easy enough.)

Oh, and what's with all that tubing you may ask? I'm formulating a plan to have this pumping the serum from the tanks "into" bob on the table...which is easy enough....but I need to figure a way to get air bubbles into the tube consistently so you can SEE it happening. There is a plan...hopefully it works.
You can get small aerator from Pet smart that run on betteries. The tubing is tiny it may fit inside the other tubing you are planning on running the fliud through. Just a thought.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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