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I have been working on lots of new designs. None are currently Halloween-themed, but many have a dark edge, so I thought that I would post a few here (click thumbnails to view larger) to give an idea of what is available in my shop, which sells prints, stickers, buttons, clothing (including children's sizes), and more. Some are NSFW and I am well aware that not everyone will appreciate all of the designs. Comments, including suggestions for what you would like to see, are most welcome, not to mention appreciated.

Fear (Dark).jpg
Coal (Dark).jpg
Stolen (Black).jpg

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Hi ColdHeartArt

I've moved this thread into our FOR SALE BY MERCHANTS section of the site. If you are advertising/promotion anything for sale and especially if you have a sales/site, that makes you a merchant, and as such there are rules regarding posting about your offerings here.

General basics: you can post in this section (for sale by merch) for free every 30 days. You can have a link to your shop in your signature (added in the signature section, not manually please). If someone asks a question or is looking for something specifically that you sell, you are welcome to post a reply with info about your products/services (just no bumping super old threads to do so).

You may also post in the Announcements/press releases area (1 time/30 days) if there is something specific you are promoting/announcing.

Advertising otherwise may be subject to removal/moderation by site admin.


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