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Artists...opinions please...

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hi there, oh i have got to have these..........the oddity vibe and just plain awesomeness......... they are a kit and unpainted, 120 for that, but painted 500...woo.... ok......the translucensence of the piece painted, whats your opinion of what medium they are being painted with? texture remains on the piece so not covered, do you think a staining? acrylic would smooth that over, mixed with a gel again smoothed over, oil used like a stain??............these are so good.. i want three of these so bad.

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The description said it comes as a kit...I'm guessing the paints are in the kit. But those are very cool pieces.
He's got a contact page so I'd suggest asking him directly what kind of paints/techniques were used, as he's got several different painting techniques and finishes on each bust - glossy, metallic, matte.... And it's poor form for him not have a FAQs page explaining some of the painting suggestions in my opinion so might want to suggest he add something like that! :)
I did see another artist finishing a form in translucent resin and he then painted with translucent air brush paint. He didn't mention the brand though.
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