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I have about 1/2 dozen blucky skeletons articulated with PVC that has been heated, flattened and rounded on each end then connected with a 1/4" bolt, washers and locking nut. I'm not using these anymore and most are in very good condition though some of the bluckies may have minor tears, mostly where they were cut at the joints. All of the heads have eyes with LED's built in and most have the rib openings cut out.
$10 each + actual shipping. They weigh about 2lbs I'd guess but if you're interested PM me your zip and I will get a true shipping cost for how ever many you may want. See some examples below.
Halloween201214_zps40d7b11a.jpg Photo by MrOCT31 | Photobucket

Halloween200722_zpse627fe89.jpg Photo by MrOCT31 | Photobucket
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