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Date: March 22nd, 2009
Time: 12:00pm till 4:00pm??
Location: BrokeBack Haunter's House (TC) - 40th St & Thomas - email [email protected] for directions & phone #
Demo: TC (foam props), Mariah (Tombstones), Austin (homemade power drill lathe), Randy (Roofing Coating Sample)
Topic: March is Foam Month!

Description: We will be doing lots of Foam stuff- carving Tombstones, walls, props, etc. We'll be utilizing White, Pink/Blue Foam. We'll use Hot Wire Foam Cutters, Carvers, Rotary Tools, Razor Blades, Spray Paint, torches, Acetone, Gorilla Glue/Liquid Nails, as well as texturizing the finished prop. We'll also look at how to coat your props with roofing material to protect them year round from the AZ Sun. Lastly, we'll play with painting techniques to get that authentic, aged look! This will be an outdoors activity, so dress accordingly (we'll be in TC's carport mostly).

Materials Needed:
FOAM! Any kind you can get your hands on- white (beaded), blue, pink- whatever.
Cutting/carving tools of your choice, as well as anything you use to texture (torches, paint, acetone, etc)
Sand Paper
Glue Material of your choice (Gorilla Glue, Liquid Nails, etc)
Paint, if you have some and intend to paint while there.

PLEASE go to our site and RSVP if you're attending, and if you can bring anything for the potluck. This should be a fun one! This is more of a group activity- everyone digs in and either makes something themselves, helps others, or just practice techniques you can use at a later time. PLEASE RSVP on the site to let us know your plans!

See you guys there!
AZ Halloween & Special Effects Association
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