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Are you disappointed with Walmart? Click here!

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Hey. I've seen several posts about how everyone is disappointed with Wal-Mart and their selection of Halloween props this year. I know there's nothing we can do to change what we have this year, but hopefully next year will be alot better. That's why I'm going to share with you the biggest secret that most people don't know.

Call 1-800-WALMART. That number has a complaint line, all you have to do is follow the automated prompts and it will guide you there. That line goes directly to "Home Office" in Bentonville, AR and the complaints are usually acted on. That also goes for any other wal-mart problems; long lines, unfriendly people, poor service, etc. Trust me, as a guy working there during college, it actually does do some good.

So maybe if enough of us complained about the selection they'll at least beef it up next year.
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Ohhhh thanks for the heads up!!
Lights I need more lights!!!! And cheap:D Now I have the # on speed dial coool...:cool:
I posted in another thread... give it time. I travel to Walmart constantly for work, and I am seeing stuff STILL coming in. My hope is that all stores will have props by October.

Could have been a supply issue, I know that in my areas of interest (infant & toys), they have struggled with in-stocks in several categories.
I work there and I still called in a compliant, haha. I think it's sickening how my Walmart has Christmas stuff up and they haven't even finished Halloween yet. =[
Im not surprised at all. Personally I have never been impressed with Walmarts Halloween selection, I just hope they get some purple LED's in.
Walmart's always been good for the cheapie stuff and usually has a nice selection of props. This year the focus seems to be on costumes as there are numerous isles of costumes and very few (less than normal) isles of props.
One good thing they have is led small button lights a pack of 4 in different colors. Going to use as eyes for some props. They are $6.99 a pack. Didn't know about the complaint number.....good to know, thanks. Going there today, hopefully they have more than costumes and candy.
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