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Are FCG Dead?

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I loved FCGs when I first saw them as they offered a spooky motion that no other prop offered, but I completely lost interest in them when I saw what could be done with say the AtmosfearFX Ghostly Apparitions DVD projected on a window. A shower curtain, cheap projector, and DVD player was so much easier to set up, took up less space, was easier to store after Halloween, and offered a much better effect.

So I'm wondering of others see projections putting an end to the FCG craze?
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I say no, and since saying no once results in a comment that is too short to submit I will say no again:)
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No way. I had AtmosFearFX projections playing next to my fcg and the fcg was the clear winner from guests/tot's. No projection can beat a well setup fcg.
On one of the pro forums they were talking about DVD projections, saying that they came about so quick and were even in Spirit this year that many haunters plan to quit using them. They are always trying to up their game, and having the same things a homer haunter has doesn't draw in the customers.
heresjohnny's ghosts are a good argument that they're here to stay. Projections are awesome and there's definitely situations where they're likely superior, but I think anytime you're able to walk around something and change your perspective, an FCG is going to have an advantage.

It's not black and white though, and it shouldn't be an us vs. them thing. It's just about using the right ghoul for the job at hand . ;)
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I am always amazed every year how much people go nuts over the FCG. Maybe I am just bored with it after 10 years but the kids and parents love it. This year it seemed all the boys around 10-12yrs old commented how creepy it was and the little girls under 8 all wanted to hug it. Can't figure out why the white tule and glowing blue eyes would scare little boys :)
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It comes down to believability. People love movies with special effects, but people also can't stand Michael Bay because we know it's all CGI EXPLOSIONIONIONINS!!!!!11!!!!

That goes for projections too I think. People know they're movies being projected, but seeing the quality outside of a theatre catches you off guard so in that respect they awfully dang cool. It's unexpected and that's part of Halloween. Someone mentioned in the last day or two that their blinking giant eyeball is a huge hit no matter what else they put out. In that respect, there's a very real and solid place for projections.

To compliment that, there's the wonder of "how in the Sam Hill does that thing work???" intrigue in a FCG/FLG. It's right there in front of you, and you can almost touch it. It's a physical scare, so people love it too.

Think of Madame Leota and the projection effect that Mr. Chicken expertly put together. They incorporate both elements and it's a huge hit. People love that sort of thing.

All in all, I think as haunters we have a desire to create, to build, to construct, or at the very least to layout our haunts. We like putting the physical aspects together and that fulfills us in a way most of us don't get in a service oriented economy. Having been in steel construction, it's very satisfying to stand back and look at a project you built with your own hands. That's what we get out of haunting, the satisfaction of building coupled with the satisfaction of entertaining.

Nobody is going to say, "WOW! What a great 16' projected dragon!" when someone (sorry, forgot your username) has built a 16' dragon skeleton in their own front yard.

The contra to that is people will say "WOW! That's a really cool prop!" when you've got a projection of skeletons whacking a pinata in your graveyard.

Projections are additions to any haunt/display, but the 3D effect of the physical such as FCG/FLG's cannot be replaced.
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I have two FCG in my yard and they are still a favorite for visitors. I will add more projections over time, but the physical ones are not going away. I find that the solid feel of real props are needed to enhance the projection props.
I had a flying crank ghost and AtmoshFearFX's Ghostly Apparitions projecting into the same room of my walktrhough.
I heard the comments of several people as they walked through the room, and they did seem to favor the projection.
I also used the Zombie Invasion projection in our zombie room, and the Jack-O-Lanterns projection out front.
All of them were very popular.

I have seen the posts on the haunted attraction websites, mentioned earlier, bashing projections.
Now that we lowly home haunters have that resource available, some pros want to move away from it. (And, I think that AtmoshFearFX has a policy of charging an extra licensing fee for professional attractions).

We'll keep our crank ghost, but I think it's a valid question to ask if they're being replaced by projections, especially by new home haunters.
We run both in our haunt as well, and I have to say both drew a lot of attention. I love our FCG, the way it moves and floats a projectin can't compare to that IMO. The projections are also very cool, but clearly they are not a "physical" prop, so I think more people are drawn to the FCG because they know it a tangible object. I also find we adress a lot more questions on the FCG set up than we do the projection.
I'd say no. My FCG has always been a HUGE hit with the TOTs and parents every year. I have my mechanism mounted in the attic with the fishing lines coming through the ceiling and the ghost hanging right above my front door.
Plus, I love the fact I just turn it on and forget about it. I'd rather do that than mess with another DVD projector. Using just one for my Ghost Maid is enough for me.
What I did was combined both a fcg and a projection. The body was still since I projected on the face but the arms were rigged on the crank. She was a big hit on Halloween night and everyone just stood there looking at her lol and that gave me a great opportunity to sneek up behind them and scare the crap out of them.
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:(FCG dead??? NEVER! I love my FCG and I'm adding another for next year....saying goodbye to Lily (my FCG) would be like cutting off my right arm. (figuratively speaking, of course):D:confused: Projections are cool, but you can't beat the 3-D of a FCG....it's a REAL GHOST! (or at least looks like one) Boo!
I don't think FCG's are dead. In fact, I aspire to actually make one as I think the movement is fantastic.
Pretty much in agreement. Valid points, but the physical presence, especially in a dark, black light lit area is very effective.
I just bought the Jack O Lantern Jamboree 1/2 price - anxious to try it out.
The bonus DVD, with the shadows, bothered me because of the suicide. I won't be using it.
Lots of great opinions here. :) I'm going to keep going the projection route. While I agree the 3D effect is superior, at the end of the day even the best FCG suffers from a limited repeated motion. It's interesting at first, but grows old quickly, whereas projections offer randomized movement and different scenes. I used the Ghostly Apparitions DVD and set it so all five ghosts were running so the scene and motions were constantly changing and that generates a lot of interest.
All hail the FCG! I have three main windows that face the street at my home haunt. This year I ran 2 projection effects ( Zombie Invasion! Zombie Swarm Shadows in the large picture window, Zombie Attack in the first bedroom window) and 1 FCG in the 2nd bedroom window. This was the first year that I ran Zombie Invasion! and it was a huge hit. Last year I ran Ghostly Apparitions in the bedroom window and Hallowindow IV in the large window. while it was well received last year, the Zombies were much bigger draws.
I built my FCG in 2010. This year on it's 5th season, it crashed and burned about an hour into ToT. Fishing line attached to the head frayed and snapped, the weight of the head pulled the cam off of the motor. But I guess the point of all of this is the fact that I'm going to rebuild her. The FCG still has and probably always will have the 'wow" factor. Projections are great, and I will continue to use them and try out new things. But the soon to be rebuilt FCG is here to stay.
Both are good in their own ways...just as both have their own limitations.
I believe both have their place in a haunt.
Figuring out which to use in a setting is the key.
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