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Indeed it is so, that violence has become acceptable yet sex is still taboo. It's really unfortunate, since one is an act of hatred and the other is an act of love.

I think it would be fine as long as there were no explicit images that are visible from the street. The hula girls could have appropriate skirts and tops on, nothing suggestive, but no need to go for the turtle neck coverup. The double entendre's (I'm not even sure how to spell that) are about as far as you could go, as it would go right over the heads of the kids. Most adults would chuckle at it.

Any parents that don't approve of the scene, and I stress that it will be very few if any, will treat it as they would a haunt that is over the top in gore...if they feel it is innaproipriate for their kids, they will usher them past and go to the next house. Only the extreme ones will actually confront you and make an issue of it. But as long as you don't break any laws or codes, there is nothing much they can do about it.

Maybe you could even call it "Komona Wauna Leiya". :)
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