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Apothecary room, haunt build update

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Hey all

Been fighting the weather on top of trying to up our game with our 13th year but making headway. I've always had small things that'd get ruined if set out on our outside haunt so this year built an apothecary on our 16X16 deck (it's 25 years old so wife was good with it). It's a mess and needs a lot more goodies to fill it with but it's rain free and if apothecary's weren't filled with all manner of stuff it'd been a good work area but alas. Anyway, I wanted to show you a little peak. The walkway to this will be creepy woods/forest.
Property Wall House Building Wood

The door creaks really good if opened slow. I got the door knocker yesterday for a buck at the dollar store
Wood Door Door knocker Door handle Art
Wall Wood Room Architecture Door

Room Building

Something everyone's lost at least once right?
Ceiling Roof Beam Room Wood

So from this opening I'll load guests into the zombie safety cart (used to get through a zombie infested passage) via a hidden door. I'll also have a bypass door for those not wanting to do the cart or as a backup for wait times. I have a bench they can wait on as well as just check stuff out and I also plan on using this as a mid-haunt donation area if parents are so inclined with a toss a coin into the mouth and get safe passage ritual 8^)

Much work to do and I'm way behind with most of my action stations I'd planned but I'm not dead yet (hoping the super powers would've kicked in by now 8^o but I wanted to take a minute to share the insanity we've been enjoying (when it's not raining)(I live on the desert side of mountains as FYI...or used to, lol. Anyway, hope everyone is having half as much fun as we are.
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Behind that last pic is a shot of this giant JITB which will lead to the circus area
View attachment 226091

The rain is messing with my lift up ticket booth sliders but the facade is taking shape. I have a large ripped old tarp I'm going to make into a big top tent behind this area
View attachment 226094

repurposed pond liners 8^)
View attachment 226095

here's a shot of our dungeon area made from an old boat dock foam we found waterlogged and rotting in the forest by a lake.
View attachment 226096

As you can see, much work still to do but we love our Hday, uhm 4 hours 8^)

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I forgot I still have to mount these to the ticket booth. i hacked a pair of christmas lights I had from an idea I got here (sorry I can not offer proper credit)(I just tell people to come check out this amazing site 8^) I cut the backs off of small skulls I've had for years, hot glued them onto pipe tube and drilled the hole size to fit tight but able to be removed for light changes.
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I work with a high school drama club (I make them props for plays they help me eat children) but I also try to teach a skill. One of my helpers who's in college this year made these. Two dollar skulls and a buck in conduit and a few squirts of paint. The flags are plastic bent with a heat gun.
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Here's another project she's been working on for the apothecary (she'll be the gal running it). I'd planned for animation as the attack door plant but hard to say what I'll be able to do this year. either way it ought to look good even if static
View attachment 226100

I did this last night as a passage from graveyard to apothecary. As with everything needs at least paint but I'm hoping the spinning movement will get those behind the first person as they won't move as thought.
View attachment 226101

I figured I better post pics while I'm here cause it's going to get really nuts this last week cause I been sluffin 8^)

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Your zombie safety cart... If you want to ensure things go smoothly, you need a track.Those tiny wheels are going to cause ruts and start getting stuck in the ground by the third or fourth cartload of people. Just use 1x8 boards or rip 1/2inch plywood down into 8 inch wide strips,then lay out a straight course for the cart to roll over.

The second option would be to somehow replace the wheels with much larger ones, like bicycle wheels.

If those options aren't viable at this point, keep a couple bags of pea gravel handy so you can fill in the ruts when they form, using something that won't compact. Pea gravel should allow those small wheels to roll. Ruts will be most likely to form at the start and end of the cart ride, where the cart is stopped for a prolonged period and jostled by all the loading and unloading, so a sheet of srap plywood at each end might be a big help,too.

BTW, none of your pics work in the second and third posts.

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I do plan on it being on a track so it stays straight door to door and not rut as noted. It has a neutral so zombies can push it easily if kids panic or mess around. i'll look into pic issues when I get up at 3 lol. It'll also run slightly downhill and it gets 4" travel per wheel rotation and we'll see how it goes this year 8^)
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