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Apothecary Jar Labels, Tags & Ideas

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Apothecary Jars, Labels, Tags & Ideas

Everyone is always looking for potion lables & apothecary ideas so I thought I'd start a thread where you can post them for sharing. :)
You will also find a few other Halloween paper printables & Halloween decor ideas too. :)

(NOTE: These are all FREE, I do not own any of these. They are for personal use only.)

Mathew Meade..... Text Font Label

Text Font Circle

Text Red Font Line Technology

Text Font

Black cat Head Snout Whiskers Cat

Neat ones here! Just click & print

Bottle Product Glass bottle Vanilla Drink

These labels have prints of wolves, snakes, etc. very old looking.... printable in adobe reader.

WEBSITE:Some cool Labels here you can print yourself by Love Manor...

Nice circular labels From Wallwritten....

From Intoxicated Zodiac


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Owl Text Ink Illustration Drawing

Alcohol Drink Bottle Liqueur Distilled beverage

Product Bottle

Hand fan Fashion accessory Headgear Wheel

Labels for jars, backgrounds for menus, designs, cupcake tags, etc. Download at the Witch's Larder (ZIP file) :)

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WOW! nice selection there halloweenie1...thanks for sharing...

Bottle Hamper Liqueur Cut flowers Food

Bottle Wine bottle Alcohol Glass bottle Drink

Neat Tutorial on how to put together your Apothecary Jars.....and make the old fashion parchment lids.
The labels can be purchased from her directly.


Click on link to download larger version.....http://justsomethingimade.com/wp-content/uploads/WL-CH-Apothecary1.jpg

Font Fashion accessory Skull Necklace Jewellery

OK, a little off topic....
I was digging around I found this cool site: Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery:


...lots of cool stationary, labels, poison tags (posted above), stickers, etc. Not FREE but might give you some ideas or just have to buy anyway. I loved this vintage looking pocket watch, it opens and has a solid perfume in it. Comes in three different frangrences, Jasmine, Lilly of The Valley, and Tuber Rose.

Fashion accessory Locket Pendant Silver Silver
Locket Pocket watch Fashion accessory Silver Pendant

Vintage looking stickers from Kat Von D's website....

Games Text Purple Recreation Illustration

Poster Art Illustration Painting Fictional character


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Here is D*med French Desserts website....they have some very creative stationary that can be used for Halloween.
The Heart card & envelpoe set would make a cool invite to a Halloween Party.....though a little expensive if you are having alot of guests.:eek:


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Halloweenie1 you have just been pinned! these are fantastic all in one place!!!:D Thanks!!!
If you do not have the time or talent to make your own jars w Still life Bottle Bottle stopper & saver Still life photography
e did start a line of bottles this year that are hand made in the US by an FX artist.

Here is a link to all the rest. Enjoy: http://lordgrimley.com/index.php?cat=227
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Halloweenie1 you have just been pinned! these are fantastic all in one place!!!:D Thanks!!!
You are welcome! :)

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I found this & thought it was neat!

Make a Halloween magazine cover with your picture on the front. Just download any photo you have from your computer and insert it into this "mock" cover of Halloween Magazine and then print it out.

Go here to try it out: http://www.printwithmypic.com/pictureframes/magazine10.php
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Hope you don't mind if I ad to this ... :D
I love these labels from http://www.howtohauntyourhouse.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1
Font History Label Collage Furniture

Label Font Clip art Graphics Military rank

The full sized sheets are under downloads, on the above link!
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Of course....I love them all. Thanks for contributing. H1 :)

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