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I will have to refer you to my post for the world's funniest pet scare! My hope was he would be so freaked out, that he would stop jumping on my kitchen table.

I guarantee you will laugh out loud!

LOL .. I Love how Salem returns to the snake, sniffs it ..' Like you ain't no thing' :D

The only thing so far Ernie is afraid of is the spider. He runs right up to the skeletons and everything else to sniff.

Here's Ernie making friends with skellie dog. First he was like .. Wait, momma he has a stick in the house, why can't I have a stick in the house. :eek:

Then he went on to the universal doggie meet and greet. :rolleyes: Really Ernie .. He's a skeleton dog. Ernie says it still counts! :p

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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