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anyone see this mask for sale?

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it was used in Christmas story
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it was used in Christmas story
I do not, but I watched that movie for the first time ever this Christmas and saw that mask under the tree! I love it!

I think it would be awesome to live in an era in which kids asked for a monster mask for a Christmas present.
That's a Savage Eye Frankenstein mask from the 70's. Rare. I don't think I've ever seen one.
Looks cool, surprised you don't have one SB
There was some almost nonexistent, horror-themed toy from the 1970s that I was reading about recently, which the box alone sells for amounts upward of $3,000 due to the absurd scarcity:rolleyes: If this mask's going rate is anywhere near as crazy, that just might explain the reason for its absence from Shadowbat's collection...;)
I noticed the mask for the first time watching Christmas Story this year. I got pretty excited when I saw some Halloween in there.
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