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Anyone Modifying their AtHome/CVS ElectroShock Hat?

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Just picked up one of the ElectroShock hats this morning and realized unless I'm missing something* that it only operates (lights up and sound) if you depress the little button on the side of the hat. Guess that works fine if you or an actor is wearing it and can press it but not so fine if you want to put it on a prop's head and trigger it. Has anyone modified theirs yet?

I can pull the inside part of the band away from the outer band and think it might be easy to cut the wires to the button, splice the current wires to wires of longer length and run a switch to that at some distance. Love to see any variation of hacks people might be doing to these. My plan is to use two hats, worn on the heads of a patient and a gorilla, to simulate a brain memory transfer experiment for my mad lab. Actually would love to have both hats wired to a control box that the mad scientist can activate so both hats come on at the same time. Thanks guys!

*see post below.
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*OK I was missing the tiniest, thinnest black switch on the top of the hat at the base of the square box on the top of the hat. It's an On/Sensor 2-position switch. There is a motion Sensor placed on the opposite side of the box to trigger in the Sensor position.

I'm still looking for info on using the Try Me button however to rig the hat to use it in the fashion mentioned above.
Spookie---It would be easy to construct the effect you're looking for. I do that kind of stuff all the time.
Yes, just extend the wires and hook both sets to a DPDT (Dual position, dual throw) toggle switch. (This allows you to hook two separate circuits to one switch.) Mount it inside your box and maybe add some LED lights. Viola!

I've got plenty of those kind of switches. If you need help building it, let me know!
Thanks Dave! I asked hubby if he has heard of that switch and he has. Said we could find at a Radio Shack, still one or two around in San Jose I think, or at Fry's Electronics (also local west coast). I'll see if we can pick up a switch next time we're in that area and see if we can work it out ourselves or will take you up on your offer for help.
Matrix---There is a pic of the hat on Page 5 of the CVS Pharmacy thread in the General Halloween section.



Yes, GOS---just let me know if you need help. Great idea, by the way.........
Hey DaveintheGrave, just wanted to thank again for the correct switch info. Picked one up today at Fry's. Cali Bay Area people will know what I'm talking about.

For those newbies who might want to do the same or similar set up, I'll come back and do a tutorial on it. Not sure what weekend we'll get it done though.
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Got both hats rewired and working with switch. Cool! Making a change tomorrow so we can detach the switch from at least one of the hats. So many possibilities. Still haven't planned out the control panel but almost there.
While the whole set up isn't done yet, the hats are wired and working and I just posted a tutorial here:

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