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Anyone located in San Diego?

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I need someone who either builds props or knows how to fix them. My Gemmy dancing pirate skeleton broke the other night and I'm unable to get him apart to take pictures of his insides. I started to take him apart, but only made things worse. It would be great if someone could stop by and at least show/tell me what's wrong. I really don't want to hire someone to fix this for me, because I'm sure it's really not that hard. ((And I'm broke))

If anyone's in the San Diego area that can stop by sometime, let me know.
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I can help.

I live in San Diego. I travel all over as a professional tech. I live in Rancho Penasquitos.

Either you can drop off at my house, or I can come by depending on my schedule. Don't worry about cost. I would not charge a penny to help out.

PM to make arrangements. We can swap phone numbers.
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