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Anyone know where to get used camo netting.

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I am looking for used camo netting.
Hauntedprops.com has 8x20 rolls for $97.00.
It seems like I should be able to find it cheaper than that.
I remember when I was a kid, we would go to the Army surplus store and they sold used camo netting for $1 a foot. It was all abused but that is what I want anyway.
Surplus stores now mostly deal with new stuff.
Any help would be appreciated.
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That is cheaper that Hauntprops.com
I could get two rolls of 8x10 for 66 bucks.
Not too bad!!!
Their 10x20 is still $99 though.
I wish I could find well worn camo for next to nothing!!!

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I too bought from Barre last year, good products, fair shipping price. If I remember, their website was bit disorganized, meaning I was able to find some 'discount/imperfect' nets under pages if I jumped around under different categories.

I also got one or two off eBay. But yes - all new, by gone are the days of real surplus it seems.

The big price difference between offerings is usually the backing or 'netting'. The cheap stuff is simply a single fabric that is die cut, it is fine for most applications - but get the real net stuff if you need it to support itself, esp if hung vertical as a wall.

Note the color nets (red, purple, etc) look really neat in daylight....but very quickly loose their appeal in haunt lighting. Even with various techniques, the color never popped out.
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