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Anyone know of a 2009 uk Horror con

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Hi all

jut a quick question to see if anyone knows of a uk based horror convention in 2009.

i know one is planned for brighton next year (about march time) and that there is the whitby horror film festival in (yes you guessed it) whitby (early october).

i was hoping for some sort of meeting or horror market which would sell horror goods etc.

if you know of any please let me know

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Lord of the Cemetery
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Hi dazgill,
I'm not aware of anything coming up in the near future, since Scarecon '09 has already gone.

Here's a link to a site you may find useful to keep abreast of up and coming events as well as haunted attractions and Horror movie conventions here in the UK..

Haunted Attractions UK - Home

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thanks for the reply

i have added the site to my favourites to make sure i keep looking.

it is a shame that there is nothing upcoming, i would have thought that there would be some market for something near halloween, but i guess that people dare not invest any money at the moment.
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