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Anyone have link to a good PC speaker deal?

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I am looking for a set of cheap PC speakers that don't have a digital on/off switch. (meaning I need a switch that CLICKS to stay on)... and has GREAT sound and good bass.

My speakers in the monster in box are old and busted now. About to start a search but it's always good to ask first...

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Would those $6 Big Lots computer speakers work for you? They do have an on/off switch.
They might, only problem is I am in the heart of no Big Lots Country... maybe I can route a work trip by one this week. What make and model are they, do you know?
OK, I got a tip to try a guitar amp at a pawn shop. It worked great, terrific bass.

But, it has to have a CD in input and the ability to turn the CD's sound up. I got a little guitar practice amp that didn't have the ability to turn the sound up on the CD input but no matter it was loud anyway. Oh, you have to get an adapter so the little plug for the computer/IPod sound can go into the 1/4 jack.

You can hear it doing the background bubbling noise for Terra in this video. The IPod is laying on top of the amp:

YouTube - Halloween 09: Sneak Peek
Needs to be PC speaker size, unfortunately. I have a cowlicious board programmed with my monster sound, and the speakers mount inside the box. Not much space.
We found some cheap on Craigslist.
Yeah, I'm digging around CL and other sites. Trying to find a good set, ya know? PC speakers are easy to find cheap...but the quality is typically less than desirable.

Thanks again.
I usually try Cyberguys. They seem to have speakers really cheap!
how much is "cheap" ? I have all sorts of audio gear, that I will trade or sell cheap. even the wimpiest stuff I have will be better than most computer speakers...
Thanks for the links.

PC speakers are nice because they are self-powered and compact. The audio source has no amplification.
Go to eBay
I just bought a set of Logitech x-240's for $25.
They sound incredible!
Go to eBay
I just bought a set of Logitech x-240's for $25.
They sound incredible!
Yes, those are what I used in my MiB and they have great sound. The werewolf in my video upthread is using those speakers. You will have to find a place for the sub-woofer and there's a bunch of wires to deal with, though. I paid $50 last year at MicroCenter.
I have bought some things from a company online: gearxs.com.
They have several computer speakers from $4 and up. Just make sure that you look real well. The speakers that are $3.99, are also listed for $9.88. Make sure you look around the site alittle or put the part number in the search before buying. You might find that you payed the higher price.

I think I've got some in a box in the garage, wilbret. I can look for the make/model #.
Or I'd be glad to pick up a set or two at Big Lots and ship them to you at cost.
If they are in stock!
Thanks for all the tips, it helps me and others.

Dave, let me make another search on ebay and CL tonight. I found some last night that I liked but really needed to research. Cheap options for good 2.0 speakers in the under $40 range were Logitech and Creative. The vote for Logitech above may have sold it.
Oh yeah... not looking for a 2.1 setup. Just old school 2.0. Something with enough mid to have basic bass, but mainly able to play LOUD crisply without distorting.

Back to the garage, I am un-mothballing my MIB and need to re-route a mile of cords. ;-)
Salvation army, i get pc power speakers & even found the ones with a seperate bass for about 2.99 ea or less, of course i go on fri & sat & usually half off day......
I think i have about 30 + pairs & spent less than $40 for all. & it goes to a good cause !
I have several cheap sets, too. But they all suck. I'm looking for a good set. Picky, yeah... maybe I can find a deal or some refurb stuff.

All good ideas above if you just need speakers, for sure!
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