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Anyone ever tried this, Rockwork

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We want a cave like look in an area of the haunt. I was thinking of something lightweight and fireproof.
Has anyone ever made a shape out of chicken wire and covered it with foil?I had thought with minimal overhead support for the chicken wire and a covering of wrinkly foil is might look like rock. Spray it up a little with some rocky colors. How to fasten the foil to the wire is a question.
Is this just a crazy idea? I know it would be a little fragile but would also be easy to repair. And most important fireproof.
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eh, just don't catch it on fire and problem solved. ;) I think the foil would work out if you messed with it enough. then you could paint it with textured paint. i used old wood pellets that had gotten wet and turned to saw dust and mixed it in the primer for my stone pillars and it worked great. you could also use sand as well maybe even some of the chunkier sand. Now you have me curious, think ill experiment with some foil and paint to see what i could come up with.
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