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Anyone ever tried this, Rockwork

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We want a cave like look in an area of the haunt. I was thinking of something lightweight and fireproof.
Has anyone ever made a shape out of chicken wire and covered it with foil?I had thought with minimal overhead support for the chicken wire and a covering of wrinkly foil is might look like rock. Spray it up a little with some rocky colors. How to fasten the foil to the wire is a question.
Is this just a crazy idea? I know it would be a little fragile but would also be easy to repair. And most important fireproof.
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The only issue I see is that your going for a cave look, which means people would be walking through it. Human nature shows that if someone walks through a cave and sees the rock they are going to touch it, which means they are going to damage something that isn't made to be touched and played with.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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