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anyone else have these ?

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Hi Guys, just barely bought these about 40 mins on craigs list got the 5 of them for 20 dollars. Pretty Happy i know I seen some of them on ebay for a lot more. So my question ust curious if anyone else knows when they were made. Is there a different series I am guessing ? These are made by Telco, I know the box says 1986-1990. Some on ebay have a flat base mine have a round base so I am guessing 1990 ? Just curious I know NOTHING bout these except I think I got a good deal lol.

trick-or-treat Toy Figurine Collection
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I have the first witch. Love her! I don't know anything about her though.
Wow Just_Tim you found either a collector parting with them or someone who really loved them and took great care. They look wonderful.

I'm pretty sure a number of others here have posted pictures of theirs on the forum. If you don't get many responses to this thread (a lot of people are busy with their setups), try doing a search by their manufacturer name. Were these Telco or something like that? Anyway they are so reiminscent of a time gone by and precious to hold onto. Enjoy!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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