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Anybody else have halloween ADD?

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I sure do. I cannot get even halfway through a project without getting sidetracked and starting something else! I'm surrounded by unfinished projects!

I started my cemetery fence, then remembered the two bluckies I bought after Halloween last year so I got them out to fit them with pvc and got as far as putting them together and leaning them against the wall, worked some more on my haunted dollhouse, got sidetracked by all the new spooky town stuff coming out so I started planning the new display platforms I'm going to make, bought two new spooky town pieces, realized I'd outgrown my storage closet so I cleaned out another closet and moved it all there, and I still have nothing completed! :p
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You said it , thats me as well.
I find that there is just too many exciting things to create and when I get to the point where I can visualize the finished product and know there is really no more challenge I loose interest and move on. The way I tend to expand My haunt is to buy ready made props, alter and hack store bought props, and make from scratch props. With this combination I find that store bought props that I alter are usually straight forward and always get completed, ready made props add to the scene, and the odd home made props that finally get finished are worth the wait, as well as unfinished props that carry from previous years give almost immetiate satisfaction in the subsequent years as it takes nothing to finish them.
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