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Any walk-through haunts in Placer County, Ca?

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I do a decorative haunt only. A coworker is wondering about walk through haunts to take her kids. Since I'm always working on my own haunt, I don't get out much to see what others are doing. Anyone on this great forum know of something in the Roseville/Rocklin area?
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I'm not in your area of Cali so don't have any personal recommendations. However I do have a suggestion though. My local newspapers and TV stations in October start publishing listings of local haunts, both professional and those family neighborhood ones that are submitted to them by the homeowners--sometimes they will do feature articles on them ahead of time. Might be worth checking out those sources in your area. If not, email them about looking for neighborhood haunts and they might do a story and set up a web area for them. Good way to promote halloween and be of service to friends like yours who want somewhere to plan to take the kids.
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