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Any one have technique for "fixing" peeled coating on colored spotlights?

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Noticed most of my blue spotlights have peeled splotches allowing the white light to bleed through and wash out the blue color. Does anyone have a suggestion for a way to coat these spots that wont burn off?
Thank you, Todd
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Colored cellophane maybe? Either patch the hole or rip it all off and recover it entirely?
My blue and green spotlights always did that whenever raindrops got on them.
But, I don't know any way to fix them. All I did was switch to LED spotlights instead.
switch to LED, they prob will cost less than trying to repair your old ones...
I haven't tried this, but what about glass paint? Just not the cheap stuff that comes with those plastic stained glass kits, that fades pretty quickly.
Colored cellophane maybe?
Don't use regular cellophane as you will start a fire. You need to get an actual theater light gel. The 100w colored floods get hot. If you want to stick to standard bulbs building a coffee can style enclosure around the light with a gel on the front will be a vast improvement. You can go with the higher efficiency 45w floods that produce about the same amount of lumens.

You could try a high-temp paint but by the time you messed around with that it would be less expensive to buy a colored CFL bulb-less wattage, less heat and better color saturation for $5 at the orange big box store.

Your best option is to dump incan all together and go with DMX controlled RGB LED, you will never go back. We are using 20 this year.
I second Beavers Idea I switched to CFL's and man what a difference in color. I have never tried it but I have heard of using engine paint on spot lights. seems to reason it would work, its high temp paint and comes in a variety of colors and can be bought at any automotive parts store. I would just be careful about painting it to thick as it may keep the light from showing through.
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