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Any Collide Fans?

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Any Collide Fans out there? Though I listen to them regularly, they seem to fit in much better around Halloween =)

(ala http://www.myspace.com/collide)
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i'm a fan! i only have a few of their earlier releases, though. beautiful vocals - and i agree, it does go well with the season =) i didn't realize they're still putting out albums... i'll have to check those out!
Yeah, they've got some really good new stuff. Also, they have a collaboration with Dean Garcia of Curve called The Secret Meeting (CD is called Ultrashiver). Some of their best material =)
Big fan here. Visit their website at collide.net. They will be releasing a new album at the end of this October.

Order from their website. They are wonderful people, and often have neat sales and contests for fans.
They are wonderful people
Gotta echo that. When I was overseas for the holidays in 2006 they were nice enough to send my wife a signed christmas card and autographed all the cds I ordered for her.

Outstanding band, great people.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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