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Any classic Frankenstien costumes out there?

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Anyone have any good Frankenstein costumes out there. I have a film festival at the end of October with Mary Karloff and I am looking for something like her Dad.
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You mean Sara Karloff?
The only way to go with the big guy is to do it all yourself, all makeup, but that's me...
You want to look like Boris Karloff, eh? That's a tough one, but have a look at this -

Frankenstein Mask < Collector Masks < Halloween Masks < Fright Catalog, Inc.
My mom was Frankenstein last year for Halloween. We bought a very large man's suit at the thrift store & put my brother's old football pads under it. I did all the makeup & the hair is that fun fur stuff. The bolts I swiped from my sons kiddie construction set. (don't worry he's 12 now & he won't miss them!)

You can see the pics in my fun w/ makeup album!

This was my husbands costume that we put together -- he cut up an old suit, put hockey pads on under his shirt, some green makeup, bolts, a head piece and.....the most important element - the 6 inch plateform boots. Caution they are a little tough to walk in so you'll need to practice.
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One little known thing Karloff did was remove a removable bridge and suck his cheek into the opening. They also in make-up darkened the recess to enhance the effect.
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