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I didn't have anything break per se, but I did forget to turn on my fog machine. Later on in the night, it started raining and no more kids were coming by. A while after that, I finally remembered that not only did I never turn on the fog machine, but it was still outside in the rain, prepped and ready to go (if I had ever gone out to press the timer button).

So I jumped up and went to the front door, and there was a massive cloud of fog so thick that I couldn't even see out the glass in the door. The entire porch was covered in thick fog where the machine had decided to just start spewing fog, because I guess I inadvertently aimed the fogger towards my porch instead of more out into the yard. For a second there, I didn't know if something was on fire, or what. Fortunately, the fogger seems to be undamaged by the rain...maybe I'll remember to turn it on next year.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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