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Bleeping* fog machines. I test and test beforehand, and they die on me mid-show. Two or three, I think, didn't work at all. Not sure if it's the machines or the timers or what. The 1000w fogger overcompensated and we humidified the whole neighborhood though, so that was great. I have a section of foam pipe insulation that hangs down, which you have to wade through, and the fog caught up in that and it was just beautiful.

Right before opening, one of our light strings died. Okay, that's simple, replaced it with one that didn't match but whatever they're all working again and we're ready to go. About 8:15-8:30 a second set went, taking all the rest of the strings along the way out with it, and at that point we were just done for the night. These lights are hung on our fence, lighting the way, so if they go then it's too hard for people to find their way through.

A few props just refused to go off during the night, without major loud noises, but they function just fine so IDK what the problem is.

Oh, and the bleeping weather. I have a whoooooooooooooooooole bunch of pvc pipe and plastic "walls" in the yard, which contains my fog vortex and the aforementioned insulation tube bit that hangs down from a 4'x8' piece of plastic lattice. Well, all that blew over Friday night, despite being quite well staked into the ground. Stakes were pulled up out of the ground, lattice on the ground, big ol' mess. Note to self: never with the plastic, no matter what the weather says about wind, if there is any chance of rain. So, out in more rain (10% chance!) all Saturday morning putting that back up and re-staking.

Sun was still up when ToT started, so most people didn't get to see the window projection. One of the coolest things we did this year, and almost nobody saw it.

I feel like I spent the whole time running around fixing things, not having a lot of fun.

Also, our ~21 year old cat died on Saturday, after having not been well for the last couple of weeks.

And, Friday night during the pro haunt around the corner that I'm helping with, a few people's cars got broken into and things were stolen.

*self censoring, because strong feelings. I think I'm ready for this year to be over with.

ETA: I didn't even realize it until today when my Dad mentioned, but I 100% completely forgot to even put out the skeletons we bought.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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