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Hi there!

I searched and didn't see anything, so hopefully this really is a new topic.

I'm looking for antlers that I could feasibly wear. I'm thinking of doing a feminine version of Hannibal Lector as the stag (from the TV show). I think I can get the suit/black body paint down, but while I really want the real deal, I probably don't have a strong enough neck to wear actual 5 point buck antlers, so I'm looking for suggestions. Paper mache? foam?

Let me know your thoughts!
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I would suggest you could make a basic "skeleton" of the antler shapes from thick gauge wire something that might have some rigidity.

Then I would probably either do paper mache or what you can use is stuff called Buckram. It is a material normally used to cover books its made of cotton and or linen type materials and when you soak it and let dry it hardens. I have seen some people use it on various Youtube videos for maleficent horns.
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