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Thought I'd check in and say hi. Been a lover of horror for a long time. Same with Halloween. It truly is the holiday you can celebrate all year long with whatever you choose to read or watch. I enjoy movies, books, and comics. Right now I'm finishing up an anthology titled Horror Times Ten edited by Alden H. Norton. Great collection of stories from the early half of the 20th century rarely reprinted since their original magazine publication.:)
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Welcome, lots of great ideas here!!
Welcome Aboard! :D
welcome bledec, you'll enjoy it here.:)
WELCOME ABOARD. i love halloween as well as reading, we have something in common
I finished Horror Times Ten this morning and discovered a new writer I really enjoy: Gertrude Bacon, whose "The Gorgon's Head" was truly frightening; and rediscovered an old favorite: Robert Bloch. His "The Skeleton in the Closet" was hilarious with an ending that completely caught me off guard.

welcome to the jungle !!??
Many thanks for the kind welcome!:)
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