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First post but been lurking.....
The wife and I had been talking about doing more for Halloween since our boys are getting older and more into the holiday. The plan was set to hit up the various stores the day after Halloween and acquire some props to go all out next year. We have a large front yard and I've always thought it would make a great graveyard. Back to the point here, the day after we had this conversation a good friend sent me a link to the Hallowindow site, I already have a digital projector for my home theater and fair weather backyard theater so figured it was a no brainer, I ordered the disk, and couldn't be happier..

I especially like the clip with just the big green eye looking around. I've taken a spare computer, two monitors and set it up to play in two of the smaller windows of my house, I have a dual head video card in the computer and the monitors set to "Mirror" so that the two eyes move together. Peering out from the front of my house it looks like the house is looking around, great effect, I need to try to get video of it to post.

Last week they announced a costume and cube decorating contest at work and I immediately started thinking how I could use Hallowindow, or more specifically the eye.. I ended up building a similar computer monitor setup in my office with a couple old 15 inch LCD's and an old machine. A cardboard Kilroy head and hands, and I was set. My co-workers love it and at this point several have said I've got their vote.. Wish me luck..

Thanks Guy's,
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