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My fiancee and I have just heard that the venue for our wedding has been given new funding and will be available for our wedding this year, so now it is all go to get ready in time.

It will be in an 18th Century Gunpowder Magazine (see pics) , so hopefully the venue will be atmospheric enough before we start.

We hope the cermeony will be a "Elegant-Gothic-H-ween" wedding (thanks to nyhaunter for this new term), rather than a costume-type party. I would like a bit of horror thrown in, nothing too gruesome, but enough to give some shocks. There will be no children under 12, so decorations, food, etc. don't have to take small children into account.

Obviously, like most couples, cost is a major consideration, so looking for cheap "Elegant-Gothic-H-ween" ideas for decorations, invites, food, etc.

The plan is to have the ceremony late in the day, around 4 - 5pm, with probably 50 guests, then follow this by having photos taken, then a party/reception about an hour later, with a further 100 people. So reception starts around 7pm.

She would like to have a number of "Mix 'n' Mingle' performers, jugglers, magicians, etc. The idea would be for these to keep guests entertained whilst photos are being taken and the venue is being set-up for the reception. Has anyone had these before and have they worked well at other weddings?

Katrina wants the main meal to be based around a hog-roast, rather than a traditional wedding breakfast. So looking for suggestions for alternatives that are just that little bit out of the ordinary, but still edible, so no baked hedgehogs, or grilled swan!

The main problem is keeping the "Elegant-Gothic-H-ween" theme and not letting it become too tacky. But having seen the ideas suggested on this forum, it should make this a lot easier.

Bear in mind that the weather in Southern England at the end of October is likely to be cold and most probably wet. But then again it may be warm!! That is the problem with English weather.


Ian and Katrina
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That looks like a nice place for a wedding. I wouldn't worry about hiring performers to keep people entertained at the reception if you are trying to keep the cost down, unless you have friends who wouldn't mind doing it for less.

A side of frog legs sounds quite delicious with fried swan and grilled hedgehog.
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