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Another Halloween Tree with a Magic Mirror Inside

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Every year I look at all the threads and always find great ideas and inspirations from the forum members. Well, this year I decided I wanted a magic mirror and a Halloween tree. So why not combine the two?

So what do you think? Not the best of tree designs (it sure looked a lot better in my mind's eye), but it will suffice. For the third year in a row, the local elementary is going to put on a haunted house for the kiddies and I try to do my part. I have to wheel this sucker a couple of blocks to the school. Thus, It had to be sturdy, mobile and somewhat lightweight. I am not sure I will survive being inside the tree for 3 hours, but at this point, there is no turning back. I still have a little bit of detail work to do (have a few crows that want to nest). Next step is to practice my magic mirror talk. Regrettably, neither one of my three kids is cooperating and believe it or not, it is sometimes hard to practice interacting with invisible kiddies.....

I am open to any suggestions or enhancements.

Lovely Day...
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Wow I think it looks awesome! You will have fun working the mirror for the kiddies!
I love it, but I think it will be more magical if you added fairy or firefly lights all around it :3
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I love it, but I think it will be more magical if you added fairy or firefly lights all around it :3
That is a fantastic idea! Should look splendid with fairy lights on the top branches; they are kinda hard to see on the pic but the top branches are made of pvc which I can detach. They will be more then sturdy enough to hold some lights. Thank you......much appreciated!!!

Lovely Day...
I'm always stunned at everyone's levels of creativity & ability - to work with EVERYTHING from mud, foam insulation, mache, electronics, motorization, lighting, and on and on and on found here among the membership. Your tree is no exception to that. My gosh, it's fabulous!
iggyman That tree looks fantastic! great job on the bark and I like the ideal of adding lights. Very Nice Work.
i think the tree design and execution is awesome!

but why the rope lights? could you mount a led spot in the branches to illuminate the details in the bark and all your hard work?
I think it's great. Your detail in the bark is really awesome. I have to agree with 89Lt1, not a big fan of the rope lights. I think an LED spot or a couple of well placed low wattage colored CFL's would highlight your incredible work even more.
Thank you for all the input and kind words, it is a bit flattering. How about this version??? I used some of the recommendations........a small led spotlight on one of the branches and since I had some Christmas lights at-hand; a few white led lights on the tree (it is a tree).

By the way, that little broken branch on the left hand side is where I plan on giving the kiddies candy or if the PTA provides the funds some finger led lights.

Lovely Day...
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That looks splendid. Clever idea. I think the larger round " cafe lights" draped between the branches would look best, but that's just me. Between the two posted, I think I prefer the rope lights for their color, but the Christmas lights for their design.
Well Done! That tree looks real! The small led lights showcase it perfectly. Love this prop!
I'll say it again, damn you are talented...screw you people with all your talent! :p
Unique idea. It translated perfectly. Nice job.
That tree looks really good. When your done just wheel it to my house. Lol.
Nice work.
Looks great, I think your bark effect is very realistic:D
very nice would love to see video of you working inside it
I think they'll love it! Really love the texture of the tree bark! Do you have any well-lit pictures and/or how-tos?
love the changes, the tree looks so magical. I want to visit the tree for candy too!
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