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Another Halloween Tattoo!

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I mentioned it in the other thread about someone's Halloween-themed tattoo, so here it is... This was about two hours' work on Saturday. Color to follow in another month, and then extending it on down my arm with other ghoulish goodness! Oh, and the bird outline is going to be a raven...not a dove as someone at work said...:rolleyes:

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That's awesome, i love the JOL.

Can't wait to see it in color.

And funnily enough i'd already planned my next one, a raven.

Sadly can't afford anything that big so it's just gonna be a small one on the wrist i think, something subtle.

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Thanks for the compliments, guys! I'm really happy with it so far! The artist I intended to see was out for the next two weeks so I gave another guy a shot. He was a young kid (20 yrs old) and been tattooing for 3 years. But he seemed genuinely excited about the tattoo idea and I let him draw something up and I liked the concept so I went for it. As we went on I could tell he got more and more excited about the ideas he was having for adding colors and more parts and details, so I think in the end its going to be quite amazing.

My intention is a full sleeve...all the way to where my watch sits. :D

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that is so cool. i love the spooky tree. that would be different putting a dove in that setting, what were they thinking, of coarse it will be a raven. you are going to have to post when that sleave is done
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