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Animatronic show for themed dentist office

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Here is a shot of the display still in the shop without the front glass. There is an LCD display and 3 robots (Brushbot, Flossbot, and Rinsebot) that make up the show. Wacky World Studios did the decorative part, I did the animatronics, controllers, programing, video, and the script. It's in a themed pedeatric dentist office in Oldsmar Fl. The show is about 7 minutes long and keeps the kiddies occupied while in the waiting room. The show is about a kid named Dewey, his friends, and his crazy robotic dental inventions he's made. Its been running for almost 2 years now before I got the first service call on it. And it was just blown lights and a sticky servo in Brushbots head. The guy who sculpted those heads for me, Mike Stewart at Wacky World, built the robot bodies and added all the crazy hoses and wires.

Bill Ehrsam.