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I didn't see a thread on this one anywhere here. Correct me if I'm wrong. She's an HD exclusive this year as far as I can tell. About 3ft tall. See pictures and video below.

  1. Nice detail on face hands, and feet. Teddy bear looks real.
  2. Runs on AA batteries so it can be placed just about anywhere
  3. "Only" $50, which is pretty decent for an animated prop, even though it has only slight movement
  4. Arms are poseable
  5. Head and both arms have a decent range of motion
  6. Has a try me button to activate/deactivate at will if you don't want sound activation

  1. Head tilting mechanism is crappy. It works fine, but it makes a loud snap sound every full rotation. People reviewing on the HD website all say the same thing about it. So I imagine it's by design and might just break after a season. No way to know.
  2. Is only sound activated. Can't be set to continuously run (maybe someone knows how to hack the try me button cord?)
  3. Audio is sort of cheesy, but that seems to be the norm with most props. Can't be muted like many Morris props.
  4. Nose on mine is slightly smashed in due to the fact that these are shipped with ZERO padding int he box. Others have it worse based on the HD website reviews. Buyer beware.

For me, I think it's a solid scary addition to any nursery or kid's room theme. I'm thinking of putting her on my porch. Feel like if she's there I won't be handing out any candy ;)

Anyone else have this or have tips about making her movement continuous when on? The "try me" cord has a plug near the battery compartment where you can unplug the cable (red/black wire). Must be a way to hack it.

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/290993191

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