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Animated Tombstone

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This is a copy of Dave in the Grave's tombstone. It is the first tombstone I ever made. We had plenty from when the kids were home and we decorated. I sure have a great respect for all the ones I have seen on here. I had no Idea how much is involved. My camera dose not take good night videos, so there is a day still also.

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Wow ... when that lid shuts , it SLAMS ( loud ) . Did you make that out of plywood or ?
I made mine out of foam . And used one of those $3.00 12 volt electric Chrysler vent motors , that some folks are using for FCG's , to raise the lid on mine.
Nice looking !;)

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Are you making fun of my lamb??? What are friends for! :) All I had was white styro and a kitchen knife. But at Halloween I will decorate him with Spanish Moss.
OK--I see it now. Wow, a 16 year old lamb? I guess that's where gray wool comes from! :):)
Wow, love the SLAM! Which of Dave's tombstone tutorials did you use? It's so cool.
Terra, this is one of my oldies. I never made a tutorial of it. I don't think I could duplicate it, but brushe was able to do it just by watching the video. The guy's a genius!


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Alucard you don't need to know about prop controllers for this. This is just 1 small 7.00 motor running everything. I did mount a light socket inside and put in a Flickering bulb. It just doesn't show up in the video. I am not even going to put this one on a sensor. Just a plug and play. :) Thanks

Landscapeman and Terra Thanks the Lid slam is a bonus! It will startle you, but that is what props or for, right?

Dave, I still have trouble spelling. Your video was very informitive, If not I would have bugged the dickens out of you. :D The things you create never stop amazing me. I am real glad you are coming to the m&t so you can explain all this stuff!
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