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ANIMATED PROPS and DECORATIONS for sale. MOST ARE NEW. only two are used.

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dr shivers lifesize gemmy prop $300 +$50 shipping. (USA ONLY)
Clothing Standing Uniform Costume Figurine

Fashion Footwear Costume Headgear Hand
NEW convulsing werewolf $180 plus shipping
Pink Costume design Illustration Costume Outerwear
NEW. fortune telling witch $110 plus shipping

Plant Box
NEW. animated hanging skeleton in cage $60 +shipping
Clothing Outerwear Costume Abaya Art
NEW animated graveyard ghoul. 3 poles are used for assembly. $50 plus shipping
Ghost Costume Illustration Outerwear Fictional character
NEW animated hanging death dealer $ 65 plus shipping

Product Orange Turquoise Door Home door
NEW two(2) door curtains $19 shipped
Fictional character Fashion accessory Illustration
Dead fred animated head $21plus shipping
Clown Head Joker Nose Fictional character
29 inch standing zombie $35 plus shipping

gemmy 400 w fogger with two wireless remotes . brand new out of box $22 plus shipping

16 foot burnt zombie $60 plus shipping


1 - 20 of 23 Posts
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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