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I have been looking to make a medusa head with moving snakes but I have been wracking my brains on how to make any rubber snake move. Well the local Fred Meyers grocery store answered my prayers this morning. There was a sissy costume decoration in the costume isle called "Flashing Tentacle Headband". It has flexible mesh tubes that are just right for moving snakes. One minor drawback is color as they only come in pink, orange and blue. After I picked it up and continued grocery shopping, I started pondering how to make the snake head. I dropped off at the $ store but could not find anything to work for me. When I got home and was explaining it to my hubby, I noticed that if I pinched the end of each tube and gave it a dab of hot glue.....it made the shape of a snake's head. Sweet zombie toenails on a cupcake......

I can get some small beads or gems for the eyes that will sparkle under prop's light. The only thing better than all of this is the fact that it was 25% off. I will use one of my FCG armatures and maybe add more of eyebolts so more than eight of the snakes move.
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