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Animated Hocus Pocus Book

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This was my attempt at a spell book similar to the one found in the movie 'Hocus Pocus'. I wanted an eye that actually moved AND be able to open the book and see/ read the spells so I moved the eye closer to the spine to accomplish all of that. I took some artistic liberties lol

Unfortunately, the added latex and paint seemed to limit the eyelid from fully closing so instead of a blink I got more of a twitch, but I'll take it at this point. I was thinking of adding blood spots but decided against it.

Inside, there are roughly 150 pages, 100 of which currently have "spells" on them. The 50 or so blank pages I am going to use as a guest book and have guests sign them.

Here are some pics, and a video of the eye moving and more of the pages .

Box Wood Hardwood Rock

Brown Wood Box Rock

Text Paper Material property Font Paper product


What you guys think? Any suggestions to improve it? Thanks!
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That is awesome, even more so that it's actually got pages and it's not just one solid piece!
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