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Animated Grinning Gertrude Witch reviews?

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Anyone have her?
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I have her. She is really detailed with sturdy construction. The head turns (plug in) The eyes lights up and she says creepy things(batteries) The only issue i have is the sensor on her chest. it isn't the greatest. Seems to go off by itself or only when a flash light is shined at it.

I purchased her at Spirit Halloween Store with a 20% off coupon. Hope i was of some help.
I've had her a couple of years and the poster above is right. Plugged in her head moves back and forth. You put batteries in the back of her head to make her eyes light up and say different things. HOWEVER as the poster said she seems to only work when you shine a light directley into her sensor on her chest. Great prop just frustrating that she doesnt work properly.
Mine is falling apart, sadly, the motor casing came apart, will try to fix her next year. Also, her head circuit doesn't work too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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