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I found this animated crow on thingiverse, Halloween Crow (Animated) by danman

This is the results of my build.

It didn’t find I could make it like the author did. It just didn’t come out well when I tried to print it in vase mode, so I printed it with my typical 3 walls and 4 top/bottom layers but 0% infill. It printed much better, but in itself did create other issues. Namely that the connector piece between the body and the tail wouldn’t fit.

I also didn’t like the instructions that came with it, so will give more detail here. I will be making another with some changes and will make my own thingiverse post with the mods.

I couldn’t figure out how the head and body were connected, I knew there was a gap, but couldn’t understand the actual connections. I cut an opening in the top section of the body for a mini servo, I did hot glue it in place. I generated a cross brace for the head that allowed a servo horn to fit it, which I hot glued in place. This left about a 1/2” gap between the head and body, which I hid with some feathers from Amazon. I also drilled holes in the head for LED eyes that were hot glued in place.

Since the tail connector didn’t work, I simply used some black duct tape to mount the tail to the body. It acts like a hinge and allows me to open it up to get to the electronics inside. I covered the tape up with more feathers.

Finally, I did modify his Arduino file as the code didn’t work as expected. He wanted to allow either 0, 1 or 2 blinks, but the code always blinked one easy time. Also the twitching code didn’t work.

I used 4xAA batteries to power the Arduino. The two LED eyes are connected to pin 12. The servo control wire connected to pin 9 and power and ground.

I want to improve the 3D print files to allow for eye holes in the head and to add a hinge between then tail and body. Finally I will add the mounting hole for the servo to the body.
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