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Animated Black Cat Prop

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Has anyone made an animated cat prop. I'm looking to make something like Gemmy's Fraidy Cat, but that looks scarier and that doesn't sing a stupid song.

I found this pattern to skin the prop.
I elongated the body by a few inches, and lengthened the tail a few inches. I will probably use black Grizzly fur from Joann's to cover it. I found cool red cat eyes on Amazon from Sassy Bear, but they shipped me clear instead. Also, the 13mm noses I got are way too small. But, I can probably get a good way along and then put in the nose and eyes later when I get the right ones. This pattern also makes it easy to insert a mouth, with canine teeth.

I'm trying to think up a mechanism so I can get a back arch, a head turn, and a tail raise all from one motor. The skeleton will probably be PVC, with pipe insulation for an easy to arch spine. The motor will be a small synchronous motor.
https://www.ebay.com/itm/1823567449...&rk=1&rkt=2%2 6sd=182356744932&ul_noapp=true
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I had one about 10 years ago when they came out....I tore it apart, counter weighted it's butt so it would sit back down when powered down and hooked the motor to a wall wart power supply and simply plugged it into a fright ideas controller with motion sensor with a cat screech sound effect....I've since thrown the cat out and re-purposed the controller for a different prop....You can very vaguely see it in the video below at about the 2 minute mark.....ZR

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