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Animated Black Cat Prop

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Has anyone made an animated cat prop. I'm looking to make something like Gemmy's Fraidy Cat, but that looks scarier and that doesn't sing a stupid song.

I found this pattern to skin the prop.
I elongated the body by a few inches, and lengthened the tail a few inches. I will probably use black Grizzly fur from Joann's to cover it. I found cool red cat eyes on Amazon from Sassy Bear, but they shipped me clear instead. Also, the 13mm noses I got are way too small. But, I can probably get a good way along and then put in the nose and eyes later when I get the right ones. This pattern also makes it easy to insert a mouth, with canine teeth.

I'm trying to think up a mechanism so I can get a back arch, a head turn, and a tail raise all from one motor. The skeleton will probably be PVC, with pipe insulation for an easy to arch spine. The motor will be a small synchronous motor.
https://www.ebay.com/itm/1823567449...&rk=1&rkt=2%2 6sd=182356744932&ul_noapp=true
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This video reveals a little about the internal mechanisms.
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